Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant, 2015. Directed by Andrew Cividino. With Jackson Martin, Reece Moffett, Nick Serino

15 year old Adam (Jackson Martin) is stuck in a remote, lazy stretch of cottage country, gazing out across the hard water of Lake Superior at the enigmatic profile of The Sleeping Giant, a massive island whose shape suggests its name. Adam is an observer, slumbering in his own churn of unexpressed thought while those around him engage in games and sport and adolescent time wasting.

The available friends, loudmouth cousins Nate and Riley, both without family and poor as the rocks, have little in common with Adam, though Riley is attracted to the affluence and easy life of Adam’s family. It is summer and Adam’s parents are not working. No one is working. There is nothing to do with time but search for ways to waste it.

As summer spills away, Adam is shocked to develop a crush on Riley, and though he’s loath to express his feelings or act on them, he takes a greater enjoyment in their friendship, and tries to subtly woo him away from Nate. When Riley falls for local girl Taylor, Adam finds himself doing all he can to undermine and destroy the relationship. His actions ignite the adolescent rage and insecurity that’s been sleeping in the boys, and the unintended consequences quickly move beyond of anyone’s control.

The film is a meandering slow burn, but well grounded in the honest performances of its young principal cast.