The Invitation

A once tight group of friends reunites for a dinner party after having not seen each other for two years. The distance is the result of the death of Will and Eden’s only child. Loss and grief destroyed Will and Eden’s friendships and their marriage. They drifted and each found a new partner.

As Will and Kira make their way to Eden’s home, none of the guests know what to expect from the reunion, except a heavy relational awkwardness. It is worse than he could have imagined. Eden and her partner have just returned from a deep immersion in a “cult”. They are filled with a joy and peace which seems a little too performed to be persuasive, and the dinner is a feint that allows them to extend all their old friends “The Invitation” to join in them in their new beliefs.

Something is clearly off and Will is caught reliving his own grief while trying to decipher what. What results is not a drama as much as an intriguing slow burn thriller with a long fuse and lots of creepy suspense.